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Health, Nutrition, THINKING about Life Infinite & Unity, Books


Online Unity about Health, Nutrition & Infinite Life

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     More and more people every day is join the ranks of Internet
users. Is accelerating Life and in the age of high technology people
looking for support of like-minded, finds friends on certain interests
around the world.

    Someone interested in intercourse with new people for Exchange various
  information , someone is looking for partners for the business, and someone
looking for true friends.
   And in this helps people of different social classes
worldwide ever-expanding Internet community as truely   ONLINE UNITY.

    Various interests - arts, sports, BUSINESS, etc. lead all of us to unite in a group of people
with the like interests.
   And the main thing is that the XXI century leads humanity to unite
all the peoples of the Earth in a single family, because what is to come Great time.

    Us expect in the near future, serious and global changes in the entire world. And it touches everyone, because every person is a small particle of a SINGLE ORGANISM called Earth.
   And at this point of development of the Earth, is very important to every individual man to harmonize your own lifestyle with those the necessary requirements set immutable laws of nature.
  Otherwise, there comes a critical time for all who do not live in harmony with

Is to come A Great Parish..... and HE will come, he,HE, HE, HE!   animation for HE
 About the close relationship of your way of life with your HEALTH ( using Healthy Nutrition )
  and also with your way of THINKING and of the knowledge Infinite Life you can to explore here.
      Main thing, DEAR ALL of the PEOPLE of planet Earth
is continuously improve your nature, improve your nature, improve your nature!
Keep learning , keep working , continue to bring up , continue to enjoy the masterpieces of art continue earning money , providing own body and their loved ones all the necessary, but making
      all this needs in harmony with the SPIRITUAL LAWS of the UNIVERSE.
Because without GOOD HEALTH and POSITIVE THINKING is impossible to enjoy
       LONGLY and FULLY of our infinite life and be finally to really succesfull.
Along with our usual activities , Dear People, TO ASSERT
     qualities such as
  CALMNESS and friendliness, courage, Fortitude and
thus joining to a true and REAL IMMORTALITY!

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Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment

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This is the Hierarchy of Light headed by the Great Mother of God - the Great Mother of the World. The HIERARCHY of LIGHT it is put together and harmoniously United Immortal Creatures on the LADDER of BEING manifested UNIVERSE , which were once people on various planets, with all them own flaws and imperfections, but they forced myself to improve, tempering its will in fighting with their own vices and overcoming various obstacles. And they continue and now CONSTANTLY improve, because IMPROVEMENT is INFINITELY !!! ...  ....About Infinite Life
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